Wedding is coming…

28 January 2017
Jan 28th, 2017

Four months to go until my D-Day 

Arina B

As I’ve started to tell you, I am going to get married soon… Many of you have asked me when we got engaged and especially how he proposed. To be truly honest with you, we’ve been planning it and saving up money since 1 year and a half already… (yes, we’re like THE SECRET LOVEBIRDS ;D) So now, here we go…

When did he ask me to be his wife ?

On the 13rd of August 2015, just a few days before we went to Scotland for our second road trip (yeah, that time when I had pink hair, crazy me !). See, quite a long time ago… Still haven’t completely realized that, YES, I am going to be his wife SOON ! So so excited !

How was the proposal ?

He kneeled on our balcony, where we were having a drink at night. It was at home so it was simple but still so romantic. Why did he choose to ask me at our place ? « Because I am happy to live with you, and that what I want to keep doing, just the everyday life by your side, for all our life ». He was hesitated at first to do it in Scotland. I am really happy he did it at home, because it is such a lovely memory I’ll cherish forever… « Everyday life » seems even more magical now. All the time. I am so grateful.

My reaction to his proposal ?

« Are you kidding me ? » Yeah, I know, silly me… Haha ! In fact, I was not just surprised, I was in shock. Completely. I never thought he would say « I do » twice in his life and I was always afraid of putting too much pressure on him (he knew wedding was kind of a dream day for me but I knew his first marriage ended in divorce). So I was so happy !

The engagement ring 

I have a sterling silver ring with a pearl, he designed it. It is a mermaid-inspired ring, with the mermaid’s tail, a seashell and coral. Very lovely ! Sadly, right now my ring is a bit broken. Plus, my fiancé admitted he was not really happy with it ; the ring is not as he imagined it. We’re going to fix it or maybe, change it (the most important is the pearl and the sea theme). I love it this way but I have to admit it’s a bit big and impractical so we’ll see. I don’t mind it too much about it, that’s not the most important thing in my eyes…

Do I need an incredible proposal and ring ?

Of course not ! I wasn’t expected to get married at all, and I would have been happy without being married ; so it was already perfect… I know some girls are dreaming of the most amazing proposal ever, in Venice, with the big diamong solitaire ring. For my part, I don’t care about it at all. In fact, the most important thing is just that I’M GETTING MARRIED TO THE MOST AMAZING MAN EVER, WHOM I LOVE AND WHO LOVES ME BACK SO MUCH !

So, I’ll keep you in touch as soon as I can until the D-Day 😉