Wedding is coming: D-Day in a week!

13 May 2017
May 13th, 2017

Well, there we are, only 7 days left before the D-day. Even though it’s becoming more and more real, with my suitcase packed, the last fitting for my dress done, the headdress received… the last preparations done… I still can’t realize that yes, this Tuesday I’ll be taking the plane to Scotland to marry the love of my life, with our family, my two adorable stepchildren and our dearest friends who could follow us in this mad venture.

Stress and panic arrived at the last moment.

All along the preparations for our wedding, I was never stressed and never felt overbooked. Of course, the proposal was made almost 2 years ago, in August 2015, and in December 2015 we had already booked the place for the ceremony. We were able to take the time to organize everything, and that’s really nice and comfortable. I strongly advise you to take at least a year (even that seems quite short for me now), and I think 2 years is optimal, all the more for a destination wedding… (if not, I’ll advise you to hire a wedding planner!). In short, 10 days before, when I came back from Rouen where I had the final fitting for my dress, the stress rose all of a sudden.

My schedule for the pre-wedding week was far too full

I quickly realized what was wrong: I had planned until the very last day far too many professional and personal activities, and my schedule was full. I simply cancelled or postponed EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING! I only kept my harp audition on Saturday morning, and the ones linked to the wedding, like the hairstylist and the beautician… Among other things, I was supposed to model at the South Vintage festival at Trets on Sunday. But don’t worry, Claudine Cherrylin will be there on Sunday, May 14th at 4PM, on stage, with beautiful models, as she did last year. Don’t miss this beautiful and authentic period collection from 1990 to 1910 😉

A piece of advice: lighten your schedule for the week, or even two weeks before your D-day

Of course, as a professional blogger, I can easily manage my schedule to have more time (but on the other hand, less work means less money, let’s be honest). If you can, you and your partner, take even one or two days off before, it’s better… really! As for me, I had to experience it to realize that no, I just couldn’t handle so much at once. I’m now relieved I cancelled or postponed some meetings or projects. I’ll have all the time I need for them in June.

Blog break

I’ll take the opportunity to announce that my last article will be published on Tuesday, May 16th and that I’ll take a (short) break from blogging and professional emails till Friday, may 26th. I’ll be back afterwards, and I have lots of projects I’m eager to set up and share with you all.

I’ll be sure to tell you more about the details of the wedding organization in June!