10 August 2016
Aug 10th, 2016
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Eventually, I think you now understand my obsessional quest of the perfect garment.

“But what does she mean by this?” is maybe the question going through your mind right now.

In my eyes, a perfect piece of clothing is not only what fits you perfectly, or fits closely to your body shape and falls just perfectly. That’s obviously what we are looking for, no one wants to look like a sack of potatoes, or feel bad because the dress you are wearing doesn’t fit or match you(r personality). In my eyes, a perfect piece of clothing, besides showing yourself to your advantage, must also be appropriate for who you are. What we wear is the first thing perceived about us. For me, clothing expresses a lot and can be salvaging, as much as making us “stronger”, or on the contrary, can make us feel ridiculous, and hence make us loose all confidence.

The Voriagh brand, which I have set my eyes on for 7 years already, wins immediately many points with their light, diaphanous, refined bohemian designs. But these are other especially important points in my eyes, which makes them one of my predilection choices. Olivia and Vivien are the passionate creative heads behind the Voriagh brand, accompanied by their mother and assisted by Alex, their social media manager. Voriagh is a very small family business, with, for ambition, to keep sharing its gorgeous creations with its customers, who have mostly become friends.


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Bohemian dream…

Vivien designs the clothing, and Olivia creates the jewellery. You know my ardent love for “handmade”. At Voreigh, they privilege quality and artisanal production. Both of them are professional violin players, and their shared passion for clothing and fashion accessories led them to create that brand in 2008. They started long ago to create their own clothing: they were looking for good quality gothic and romantic clothing. As they could not find what they were looking for, they threw themselves in textile confection to create their dream dresses.

The ideas were so abundant, that creations quickly accumulated: Vivien then decided to sell them on ebay: she was startled by the success , and their dresses were selling like hot cakes. There were actually other people looking for that kind of clothing. Needless to say, we are plentiful to dream secretely about  the kind of dresses imagined by these two ladies. Me, in the first place. I find their brand, in each collection, to be like soft feeric ballad, all with a subtle mix of modernity which makes the brand easy to adapt to the daily life. Tolkien is one if its major influences. I can totally picture, without any trouble, Galadriel walking through Lothorien’s forrest, magestic in one of the finest ace and mousseline Voriagh dresses.


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Handmade jewelry by Olivia.

The colors of Lituania, soothing to the eyes, are some of the biggest inspirations for her, it is THE very scenery straight out of a fairytale. This season’s colors are “Taupes” and “China Blues”, she really appreciates their different shades, colors she finds typically in this country. Olivia creates her jewellery manually, and uses beautiful materials like 14K gold, sterling silver, bronze, moonstones ,labradorite ,quartz and semi precious gemstones.

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Taupe color, Voriagh’s favorite at the moment.

But what I hold closest to my heart, is this brand’s economic approach. The field of textile is one of the most harmful for the environment (fabric production, chemical dyes…) and the best way to fight this pollution is to produce and consume sensibly. That’s why Voriagh, unlike big textile businesses, anticipates four small collections every year, with a limited number of pieces. Which, in the course of months, does not stop  from having small pieces broaden the collection ; following an idea, or a collaboration which could inspire our creators. Vivien likes to adapt herself to the fabric designers she works with; these have several big orders around the year, around the same period, which does not stop Vivien to crush on a new “Off season” fabric and to create a piece to add in her shop. She especially likes beautiful textures and pretty laces, from which she knows how to unearth wonders.

Voriagh makes the local economy live and strive on multiple levels: 30 French Artisans, including “model makers”, “shearers”, “printers”, “wavers”, “Dyers”, “manufacturers and jewellery designers for their chains bronze and silver plating. The biggest part of production is made in France. Vivien and Olivia also like to call upon foreign artisans for their specialties and local technicians. Cotton embroidery in India,Aerial mousseline in Lituania. This is the number one reason why I will buy a brand rather than another one: in times of crisis, where employment is starting to lack, I deeply admire people who create jobs (and indeed their own jobs on top of it)) Buying local and sound on top of being more eco friendly, and it entertains French economy. Think about it when you are shopping!

Voriagh 010Sadly, Voriagh remains a small brand that big banks help very little, and unlike  big brands, small artisans and businesses have a small safety cushion.  Yet, however, they are the ones who need more help to subside! Today, in order to finance a new, more efficient and secure merchant website, the creators opted for a crowdfunding to be able to remunerate the people who will be in charge of their website’s conception. They want to give the best shopping experience to their customer: better synchronisation between the website and real stock (how sad would it be to order a dress who is already sold out in the shop!), better online payment security, and no more problems due to the high numbers of visitors! 😉 Orders are prepared with care and love by Vivien, in a beautiful packaging and tissue paper, and always along with a small surprise!

There are many interesting rewards and I encourage you to have a look. By the bye, one of the rewards is a trip in Lituania with the creators, their very own heart country, for the shooting of their new collection! If you cannot participate, please note that sharing this article might interest one of your contacts. Sharing is caring!

You can find the crowdfunding project (Link) and be part of it, if, Just like me, you have a crush! I had the chance to exchange views with Vivien to dscover more about Vorgiagh, and to extend the beautiful list of good reasons to recommend you that brand.

I hope you enjoyed that article: it’s not the last time you will hear from that brand on this blog!


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This article is not sponsored in any way by the brand. It is a genuine crush and a very personal decision to help them through my blog.


Translation by Lizzie.