Parisian shop in Bastille, Paris: Voriagh

23 February 2017
Feb 23rd, 2017

I’ve already written about this lovely brand (interview can be found here- CLIC!) but as I am not living in Paris, I can’t visit the shop easly. Last October, I spent 1 week in the city and I had the chance to visit the shop. And I surely enjoyed it !

A friendly and cheerful place to be

First, Vivien and Olivia, the two designers behind the brand, are both amazing souls, who care a lot about their clients, with a lot of kindness and love. I could have stayed there all day, talking with them.

A well-decorated shop

I love the vintage and boheme atmosphere of the shop. It is a bright and welcoming place to be ! I would have love to buy everything there. The shop can be found at Bastille, and it is one of my favourite district in Paris !

If you are planning on a trip in Paris, you should stop at Voriagh. You’re gonna loooove it !