Virée Alsacienne: Mulhouse – Strasbourg ;)

26 June 2016
Jun 26th, 2016

Mirabelle en Gothic Lolita et moi en Lena Hoschek.

radio et librairie

Enregistrement de l’émission radio à la librairie Tribulles


No sooner had we come back from our third trip in Scotland, than we stringed together by a 100% Vintage weekend (South Vintage Festival HERE), followed itself by a 100%…alsacian weekend !

We wanted to come back to Strasbourg for a while. The occasion was served on a silver dish : Francois was invited for a signing in Mulhouse. We jumped in this occasion and straight away contacted our two friends of Strasbourg, Mirabelle and Vince, to visit them.





Tea Time

Francois hence signed all of Friday, where his book »The Destructors » was really more than welcome. He was also interviewed by the radio, and we laughed a lot, as the team was so very funny. We would really like to thank all the Tribulle Bookshop’s staff for their very warm réception and can just encourage you, if you live here, to buy your books and mangas at the shop . They are extremely helpful !

On Saturday, we met up with our Mulhouse friends, who visited intentionally to cheer on Francois for his first « Gig and Draw ». The idea was fantastic : while the country band Youngstown played on the scene, Francois was drawing the band live. We left for Strasbourg, where we emjoyed a delicious choucroute at Kammerzell house, close to the superb gothic Cathedral.




Le meilleur chocolat…


Mirabelle en Moi Même Moitié, et moi en Lena HoschekNous n’avions que 2 jours avec nos amis et avons pris le parti de profiter de leur bonne compagnie, sans

We just had two days with our friends, and we took the advantage to enjoy their good companu, without multiplying touristic activities : A little stroll through the old city, an afternoon tea time in the salon « Au fond du jardin », a haven of peace in magnificent surroundings. It is really not to be missed,  not only for the So British and vintage décoration, but also for their succulent and richly decorated cakes and madeleines (oroust would be jealous).Sadly, with my gluten intolérance, I was not able to taste it…but I had the best hot chocolaté (withouy a heartburn) and was able to eat marshmallows with flavors more subtle than the others.



We brought back with us a few perfumed teas with evocative names : « Edinburgh », «  An afternoon in Dontown »,  « Imperial Dandy »…whose evocative fragrances invite you to travel.



See you soon, beautiful Alsace, and very soon I hope….