An evening at the Grand Théâtre de Provence for Blogger – James Thierrée

23 March 2017
Mar 23rd, 2017


Une tasse de thé et une nouvelle manucure pour ma préparer avant le théâtre !

I was among the bloggers from Aix and Marseille who were invited at the Grand Théâtre de Provence for the premiere of  James Thierrée « The Toad knew ». We shared drinks on the most beautiful terrace in all of Aix, and I met old friends like Mylène (La petite indic), Estelle (le lab d’estelle), Elie (Twinky lizzy), Marion (ne le dis à personne), Corinne (Ma cigale est fantastique) and new ones like La mode Aixoise, Un poisson nommée Marcel, 20h14, En mode bonheur, and more, most of which I was already following on the net… so nice to finally be able to put names and faces on all these blogs, and to chat in real life !

It was the first time I could admire such a nice view of Aix at 360° with the Sainte Victoire in the background, proudly crowning the city. It was also the first time that I went to see a show at the Grand Théâtre. This building always fascinated me with its strong architecture, so I’m delighted to have learnt more about it. Italian architect Vittorio Gregotti planned the theatre as a reflection of the Sainte Victoire, our main and very famous Aix landform, painted so many times by Cézanne himself. We were able to visit backstage: the rehearsal room, the depot were all the sets are brought, the elevator big enough to bring a car in (incredible isn’t it ?). The concert hall was the peak of this visit. This hall is very beautiful but its architectural structure is even more so : it was made as a real soundproof enclosure, not touching the ground so that no outside noise would intrude on the performances, like car noises from the street or the train passing close by. This makes it an earthquake-proof hall ! Our guide gave a great presentation and it was really interesting and rewarding.


After this special visit, we attended the show. I saw a lot of shows and have lasting memories of some, but it’s the first time that I’m thrilled even before the curtain opens. Magic radiates from the performance itself. I don’t want to spoil your experience by saying too much, so I will talk about what I felt there.

Even though I read the brochure before coming, I missed a lot of the global meaning of the play. But it was not a problem for me : the sets, the light, the music, the singing, the choreography… everything was so beautiful that I was transcended by the magic of this performance. By its complexity and technical plurality. It’s what I appreciated most : keeping out the thoughts for once, resisting the urge to try and make sense of everything and just enjoying, listening and forgetting about all the rest for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I felt the full power of arts and left starry-eyed.

I strongly advise you to go and see this show if you can ! The next one is tonight, Friday 24th and Saturday 25th at 20h30 (more information here). Out of respect for the artists on stage and the rest of the audience, please remember that it is forbidden to take pictures of the performance or to film it.


I want to thank all the team of the Grand Théâtre for their warm welcome and great organization that made for a perfect evening !