Versus Show-Christophe Pujol- 2016 Mediterranean Hair style convention

18 May 2016
May 18th, 2016

For its twelwth édition, the Mediterranean Hair style and beauty convention was welcoming on the catwalk for the second year in a row, the fantastic hair stylist Christophe Pujol, and with a novelty (not a little one !) : the Christophe Pujol hair style show, with Eugène Perma as a sponsor !

If that name rings a bell for you, this is absolutely normal : I had the chance to work many times with him (here, here and here). But Christophe, on top of being my personal hair stylist, is also a talented and promising artist whom fate makes that I can now count as one of my friends.This is why I booked my tickets without hésitation, as soon as I knew he would be on the runaway.

Eugène Perma is a 100 years old independent french business and its credo is « proximity, Innovation,engaging spirit and creativity ». A perfectly fitting credo for Christophe Pujol !

Thirty euros a seat can seem a bit expensive, but considering the quality of the shows, perfectly enhanced by the light and sound effects, the price is really Worth it.

I could not be présent for all of the shows, but just with Christophe Pujol’s show, I left with my eyes full of stars for days. And this is to take litterally : Christophe Pujol did  sprinkled thousand of sparkles on one of his models on the scene. After styling two models live on the scene, one of which was a rather incredible finery, try to imagine the surprise to welcome on the scene a bald model ! in the end, her pretty skull was garnished with sparkles, just like a feeric princess hairdo. I really think the most impressive thing is the time Christophe took to style his three models. I cannot imagine the pressure, the organisation it took for such a show. « Five months of training » answered Christophe. Five months for 20 minutes of prestation and scenic performance.

And don’t worry ,dear friend, these 5 months were not wasted, and the 20 minutes were not swiftly forgotten. I was not bored, I was fascinated. The choregraphy was incredible and the dancer mesemerizing. The models were magnificent, and dolled up by Manon Amiel, and I have to say I really like her make up artist worl. The stylism was to die for,completed by Gaellle Maissa. The models were not only « pretty », they were also gracious. THey were accompanied by a contemporary dancer, Elise Danzz’art, whose choregraphy and on scene presence were spellbinding.

Mediterranean Hair style and beauty convention, not only offers excellent live shows, but also many professionals stalls where you can discover tomorrow’s trends, conférences, workshop spaces and trainings. And if you wish to train for hair styling profession, many schools were présent and the festival was an event who cannot be overlooked.

Nevertheless, I think this is a convention Worth going out of your way for, even if you are a hair styling world néophyte. If you have to go, I highly recommend you the pack giving you access to the shows ( there is also the possibility to find a cheaper ticket to access the retailers area only) : these are real shows we can all enjoy watching !