Aiming for a pretty skin-part one

22 May 2016
May 22nd, 2016

I’m just fresh out of my fourth chemical peeling and a laser treatment, and the urge to write lets me get in my favorite tea room. My mood is jovial and festive. And there is a very good reason for it : my doctor confirmed it today, and I can now shout it on the roofs : I’m Acne free.

I will repeat : I’m acné free, not one single blemish, no more spurts. Finished! I’ve had Acne for so many years, it still seems pretty difficult and even inconceivable to have won this battle.

I was just 8 and a half years old when my mom passed away, many things wreaked havoc in my life. A few months later, as I started CM1, my menstruations started, I developed a (very) Small chest and to my greatest despair my first blemishes. I hence sadly announce you that I spent the biggest part of my life suffering from my acné, and this is no exagération on my behalf : I will be 29 years old in a fortnight and I just dealt with it : namely 20 years of skin struggle and unsuccessful and pricey treatments, to try to heal it. From the point of view of my doctor at the time, the traumatize linked to the disappearance of my mom provoked a precocious puberty.

Appart from Roacutane (accutane etc), I tried every single antibiotic and médication (Oral, local, everything I told you !), the birth control pill (which made more worst than good) for no noticeable amélioration (Or just during the treatement, with a much more violent relapse later on…)

In 2013, I told myself : stop. I don’t want anymore all these medications, with all its share of side effects (heartburns, migraines…amongst others). I stopped my pill and the antibiotics. After two nasty months (My skin was catastrophic), my skin started to improve a bit. This is about that time that I started been vegetarian, and I started to look more seriously into what I was ingesting and the impact it had on my body. I discovered the Blog « Beaute Pure>> which helped me massively, and I started to install daily routines, whose diverse benefit evolutions on my general health started to dawn on me.

Even though my acné was not fully eradicated, I still had for a little while a nicer skin. 2014 started, with its lot of complications : an unfulfilling job, a re-assessement about my life (personal and Professional….all in all, everything), and health problems : Asthma and allergies were worsening, digestive problems, pain in the legs and my feet due to a malformation of my big toes (Hallus Valgus)….

2014 was the year of changes. I quit my job, I started wearing an intra utérine device (goodbye birth-control pill, and this definitively !) and I took an appointment for a foot surgery.

On the other hand, 2015 was a year of change : after a few months of rest, I recovered nicely from my surgery (I can walk and run !). I restarted my monitoring and a good treatment for Asthma, and decided to get desensitized. I also discovered I was gluten intolérant. I took an appointment with a specialist, expert in esthetic médecine to treat my acné. I started a new Professional project where I’m enjoying myself, even though I’m not earning much at the moment. It was also the year where my acné reached its worst peak. Discovering my gluten intolerance was the start of my deliverance.

2016 is a year of accomplishment, from a personal or professional point of view. I will develop it further in the part 2. And today, I can already announce the Anti-Acne battle is vanquished, and soon the same will happen to the scars !

To illustrate all of this, here is a series of photos by the photographer Alexis Naline, whom I worked with in February. At that specific moment, I still had a few spurts of Acne, and I had not had my first peeling yet. My skin was much nicer than before, but when I received the pictures, I found myself ugly,disfigured. I had almost no make up, and because of the allergy of the day, my nose was all red ! I almost never showed these pictures. That’s what I said to the photographer at the time. From a distance, I decided to write this blog and my feelings.

Next step : when my peeling and laser treatment ends, I will have a 100% natural, make up free photoshoot. And I intend to overcome my lack of self confidence on this subject, and find myself pretty from the very first shot’s viewing !