Tain & Fairy Tales castle, Dunrobin

5 September 2016
Sep 5th, 2016

This is nearly the end of my last September 2015 Scottish trip (but I was back last May there… and I am going back for one month next October… And one day, I’ll never go back to France… but you know that already, right? ;D )

After Tongue, we’d just had to drive to Edinburgh and go home. Honestly, driving for hours could be so exhausting and for this time, we decided to have two more stop before going back to the airport. First stop: Tain city.

Dun robin Castle, Lena Hoschek Suit

It was a nice place, with a lot of history and old buildings (way more than I first thought!) like a stunning church with lovely stain glasses; and in our arrival at the hotel, we had a very pleasant surprise: we were upgraded. Instead of the normal, standard room, we had… the most stunning, beautiful suit room of the hotel. The restaurant there and the pub were just perfect for us. I highly recommend Royal Tain Hotel!

At the hotel, they advised us to go to Dunrobin Castle and if we could, go and watch the wild birds show, if we could… and we did! At first, I was really… surprised. I was thinking about all other Scottish castle we visited, and this one felt so… french! It is, for certain, a Fairy tale castle. I could figure a Princess imprisoned but an awful (but sweet) beast (Charming Prince)…

About that owl.. Sweet, darling owl… She was found by her owner wounded and he took care of it… and she finally never left him. She was the only bird not attached… We could feel their link together….

As a vegetarian, I have to admit that I first hesitated a lot to see that show. But then, we learnt that all the birds in the castle were in a Reproduction Program… which aims to rebuild the wild fauna. I like this kind of project, I do. We did, as humans, a lot of mistakes, and I completely agree on the fact we should do everything we could, I wish, undo, at least, repair as much as we can, the bad things we made…

Nest stay in our trip…


In the next and last post 😉

See you!

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