South Vintage Festival – Edition 2

27 June 2016
Jun 27th, 2016

The 12th,15th and 16th of may this year, I was taking part of the South Vintage festival for the second year in a row, in Trets, a little village close to Aix en Provence.


south vintage


For this second édition, « Charlie’s Angels » took advantage of Whit Monday to offer us not two, but three days of 100%vintage goodness ! Just like the previous year, the festival was ingeneously divided in multiple spaces : homeware, clothing, beauty (hairdresser, barber, relooking with Dita Von Divine…), creative arts, wedding, vehicles (cars, motos, bicycles, buses), games (a paradise for children !), and food trucks with view on the scene. Everything was lovingly decorated.
South vintage festival edition 2It was, I am certain, even warmer than the last time. We had a « Four Horsemen » stall, that we were sharing with « Le Cabinet de cire ». We were really badly placed as we started, in a very dark room with no footfall….but luckily, we were quickly able to move or stall outside, sheltered from the rain with a sunshade, thanks to the festival’s team.

On Sunday, I was co-organising a fashion show/conférence about fashion, with my spiritual mother Claudine « In the course of the 20th century », where we have , for ¾ of an hour, decrypted the évolution of tendencies, with models wearing exclusively authentic clothing. These were part of our private collections, but lots of shops enabled us to set up this project thanks to their loans : Caprice (Nice), Blow Up (Aix) and (Toulon).

It was a very stressful expérience (I was on the scene for 45 minutes, most of the time alone),all the more so as I don’t like like talking in public….But i twas also very rewarding. I learned to outdo myself, going out of my comfort zonw (here, behinf my computer screen, as a model, behind a camera…) to be more active than passive. I also loved to animate this workshop and cannot wait to renew the expérience ! thanks to Claudine, I really took the time to sit down and ponder about the project’s conception. To organise myself better….which genuinely diminished my stress on the D-Day.

South vintage festival edition 2

Coordonnés avec le tartan de notre clan écossais de coeur, Farquharson, Sash, kilt et veston de Stewart & Christies, tailleur de talent et de tradition à Edinburgh

The draw back, was that I stayed just a Small time on the stand. I spent my Saturday to organise the Sunday (preparing the changing rooms, finding the sound engineer, finding chairs, tracing the pathway on the scene…) On Sunday, the morning was reserved for the préparation of the models (make up, hairdos), fittings, rehearsals….the fashion show was late by half an hour, and at 5 :30PM we were still tidying up the changing rooms ! We just had the time to treat our models to a glass of wine. I was not able to be on the stand, which was quite frustrating for me.

On Monday, I was able to stay longer, but I had to be off a few times to meet up with a few people who wanted to offer me diverse collaborations. You will get to know about it very soon ! I also took the time to take a few pictures, and have a little tour of the textile corner, where I found a 1940’s Wonder….

The ups of this festival : The décoration. More activities on the scènes during the day, compared to the first édition. A sympathetic and attentive staff. Lots of vintage shops. A spécial crush for Tante Lisette and Taken (where I found some real gems !). A new food truck was présent and it saved me : i twas selling tea ! i twas cruelly missed the first time.

The downs : one thing i really notice during this festval : the lack of vintage addicts, with a look…. There is of course a few pinups, but they wear repros. I have nothing against people liking repros and « modern » pinup, don’t worry ! but I hope, one day, to see a vintage community to develop in the south of France. Another thing, i twas almost the same things as last year, mostly on the wedding corner. I would have liked a bit more novelty !

And you, did you pop in ? what did you think of the festival ?

And mostly, if you have seen the fashion show, all your feedback will be welcome, even the négatives : I will be able to increase the quality of my next prestations. By making mistakes, we improve …..


  1. First outfit Dress 1950 Dear Golden Bolero vintage undated Sac 1940 Hat 1950 (Blow Up) Shoes Antoine et Lili
  2. Second outfit Lilli Ann Suit Shoes: Repetto
  3. Third and last outfit  Dress, bag and hat: : 1940. Glasses: Moscot Shoes: Antoine et Lili
  4. nella fragola outfits vintage