South Vintage Festival 2015

21 June 2015
Jun 21st, 2015

For this first edition, The South Vintage Festival was able to conquer my heart. In spite of the heat, tiredness due to the stall I was holding, I just hold nice memories from this festival. We were The Four Horsemen, all together : Francois Amoretti, Elodie Lostfish and Messalyn (illustrators), Alexandra Banti (photographe) and myself (model, blogger and writer). It was the first time we were all gathered together for such an évent ! I thank furthermore all the people who came specially to meet us that day. The festival was ingeniously arranged in different spaces : furniture, clothing, beauty corner, tattoo studio, entertainement space with a scène, food trucks, convivial and ludic space for the smaller ones, a space reserved for creators/ artists and a wedding corner. I especially enjoyed the last one ! I mostly had the honor to be part of the jury for the Lovely Vintage contest, with the fabulous Lady Flo as président and présenter, as always so enthusiastic (and ever so pretty !). Many thanks to the whole event planning team.

I hope you will enjoy the few pictures I took ! my feet really heart, because of the heat and my récent surgery, I was not able to leave my stand much…hopefully, next year, I will be able to got to the second édition !

My outfit that day : 
Dress, hat, gloves and scarf : vintage, 50s.