Soleil Aixois.

Sep 15th, 2016

Dear readers,

A very short post again, but with two of my summer favourite outfits. I wore both quite often during our hot south France summer as well as my red novelty skirt, because they’re comfy despite the 40 degrees celsius…

My mother-of-heart went to see me in my hometown for two days. Visiting, shopping vintage (of course), talking a lot and drinking tea was all we did.

First outfit is composed by a very modern blouse from Sandro, a brand I don’t shop in anymore, but still like it a lot, vintage 40s bag and a vintage 50s hat and embroidery skirt I bought in London at the beginning of July. I was looking for a skirt like it since ages! I also wore my remix shoes I bought own London too, at Revival Retro where I had the chance to meet Norafinds (looooove that girl). I’ll write more about it soon.

Second outfit is a late 40s skirt, my favourite vintage purse and a Lena Hoschek shirt. Again, my new golden pair of shoes: they’re so comfy.

You might also noticed the most amazing frame, my new sunglasses (soon-to-be daily glasses!) from Thierry Lasry, a french designer.

Be tuned because I am working on amazing subjects for my next posts…