Scotland – Part 4 – Glencoe

25 March 2015
Mar 25th, 2015

My dear readers,

It is with great regret that I present you my last post about Scotland.

After we strode along the Isle of Skye, we rode back towards the capital where our airplane was taking off (sigh), without neglecting to stop to admire the sceneries offering themselves to us. Our trip ran into a strange cemetery, where stones were erected to celebrate the dead; however, I could not find their meaning, nor the name of this place anywhere (Hence, I will take any information offered about this subject, and I will also make some research of my own). We were able to admire Glencoe, magnificent Glen where we made a brief break in the village bearing the same name; and then dined on Loch Lomond’s lakefront. If you follow the news, you will remember that Scotland was going through its independence referendum. Everywhere, boards were reminding us, and every Scottish citizen was displaying their allegiance in their own way: at the back of their car, the entry of their house…Very frequently I was seeing “YES” close to the “NO”, which I immortalized in a picture, whose finish I very much appreciate. I really find there the country’s atmosphere, the chats we shared with the Scottish… we encountered…Whether they were voting for it or not.. I have the feeling I was “privileged” and had the chance to gaze upon an important historical moment, considering the consequences it resulted in, in the long term (at least, I’m sure about it!). Scotland is a country who fought so bravely for so many years for its citizens independence, from which our famous Franco-Scottish treaty :“ the Auld Alliance”, against the British, which was never broken. It is the reason why Glencoe stirred me so much…a terrible battle happened here. And it was our final kilometers before boarding our plane….We still had a “happiness jump”, but for the beauty of the scenery!

All in all to end on a whim (my sweetheart’s birthday present): a night in a luxury hotel near Edinburgh…while organizing our next visit…



What I wore that first day:
dress Jane Marple; 
blouse: axes Femme; 
bag and jacket: vintage 60s.
What I wore the second day: 
dress: Emily Temple Cute; 
jacket: vintage; 
Blouse: Axes Femme; 
Beret: Hear E; 
stockings: Verum by Grimoire; 
bag: Innocent World.