Scotland – Part 3 – Skye

5 March 2015
Mar 5th, 2015

My dear readers,

 Here is the third post regarding my Scottish journey! Needless to say that I took lots of pictures, and that’s why it took me so long to publish them, it was a really lengthy process to sort them out. After Edinburgh, Braemar and the discovery of the Highlands, we pursued our journey towards the north. We drove along the Loch Ness, where we halted to visit Urquhart Castle, whose visit was not very pleasant, due to the fact that there was a high number of visitors and a piping hot sun (mostly after four days of bad weather and rain…), but in spite of everything, remains a nice memory. We arrived early in Elgin tout give ourselves time to enjoy, almost alone, the ruins of the cathedral… I really liked this visit; it won the day due to my penchant for “romanticism”, without a doubt…

I wanted to read some “Maupassant” and “Chateaubriand” against a backdrop of melancholic music… Until, yet again during this sunny day, the crowd overran the cathedral…

The day’s last stop over was the little port of Plockton, a relaxing stage where we delighted ourselves with a glass of whisky, peacefully and almost alone in the pub’s terrace, with a wonderful sight of the sun illuminating the fjord.

Oh how I loved those little houses! I will always remember the serenity of this very short instant, listening to the sound of the sea, which withdraws at low tide.

The second day we explored Skye, which I found sublime. We did not have time to see everything. The visit of Eilean Donan was really agreeable, as, as we arrived early, we were able to visit the mythical “Highlander” abode, all by ourselves! To end this day on a high note, the colorful port of Portree filled our hearts with joy. The final installment of my Scotland journey will be continued in my next blog post.


Scotland Loch Ness castle Urquhart Nella Fragola tweed vintage Francois amoretti Lena Hoschek

What I wore on that first day:  
Skirt, tartan jacket and hat: vintage; 
Wool jacket: Lena Hoschek; 
blouse: axes Femme; 
Bag: Innocent World.
What I wore the second day:
blouse and tartan skirt: vintage;
waistcoat: Walker Slater.