Scotland – Part 2 – Braemar and some beautiful castles

18 February 2015
Feb 18th, 2015

Dear readers, good morning,

After a few days in Edinburgh, we rented a car to follow our objective to get lost in the Highlands. The arrival on Braemar was absolutely breathtaking and is one of my most beautiful trip memories. The weather was grey, rainy, and our first few miles in the Highlands were wandered through a thick mist. Just before Braemar, we visited Glamis Castle, which was magnificent (no pictures were allowed inside, and you know, I always respect the rules, always!). I enjoyed there a marvelous Tea Time. In the evening, we stayed at Braemar Lodge, a place we love and highly recommend. We will visit it again for sure.

They have an amazing choice of Whiskey, and I discovered there, Scottish cheese which is every bit as good as our French ones.

The next day, we got back on the road towards the North, our evening stop off being Aberdeen. On the road, we visited two castles, of which, will stay one of my favorite for the sojourn: Craigievar, then the Fraser Castle, entirely under a driving rain (hence my dress being drenched and my “poor little thing” looks on some of the pictures!)


What I wore the first day:

Dress: Mary Magdalene; Blouse, 
Bag and hat: vintage 40s/60s;   
 Tweed jacket: Walker Slater;   
stockings: Verum by Grimoire.





What I wore the second day:

Dress: Mary Magdalene;
Blouse, bag and har: vintage 40’s/60’s;
Tweed Jacket: Walker Slater;
Beret: Heart E;
Bag: Innocent World;
Tights: BKR on Etsy