Scotland- Part 1 – Edinburgh

4 February 2015
Feb 4th, 2015

Dear readers, good morning,

With a certain delay, I am finally posting the pictures of my Scottish journey on the blog.

We went there for the very first time in September 2014 (and here I am, posting in February 2016…oh dear!). This trip is one of the most beautiful I ever made, and the country, for which, so far, I have felt the biggest crush…I felt home. We stayed two days in Edinburgh, not enough to visit everything, but just enough to stride along the streets of Old Town, the gardens, and visiting the castle.

I loved the castle, its magnificent interior (but sadly pictures were prohibited!).

Next time, I hope to climb Arthur’s seat and maybe visit a few museums

I loved Victoria Street and its tiny colourful houses, one of which is the home of Walker Slater, a Scottish tailor specialized in tweed, where we went overboard (I swear, the only ones during the whole sojourn!). My heart was set on it, and I ended up treating myself to a jacket, a skirt and a waistcoat, but also a small scarf. I really wanted to buy a pair of Cheaney, but it really wasn’t reasonable. Maybe another time!

Here are a few pictures of these two days (including a really sunny one!), with my dear and beloved Francois Amoretti.

My outfit that day:;
Dress: Jane Marple;
Jacket: Axe Femme;
Top: La petite bourgeoise;
Beret: Angelic Pretty

I did not think about taking pictures of the second day’s outfit…

Thank you again for reading!