Scotland – Mull

2 April 2016
Apr 2nd, 2016

First ferry trip of our stay, destination, Mull Island. We just visited Skye during our first sojourn in scottish Land (and in such a hurry !), so we were actually much eager for our Hebrides Islands journey ; all the more so as,for a change, we had planned enough days per stop-over to settle down and relax.

Mull Island took my breath away. Wild, between nature and océan,endless white fine sand beaches, Mull was a complete change of scene. One and only main road was circling the Island, and we explored as much as we could in two days. I really like Duart Castle.

Calgary Bay Beach made me shed tears of happiness. This fjord’s peaceful beauty, the stroll on the rocks, the incredible «responsible » shop (hear, no cashier was présent, you had to deal with it yourself) and the walk from the beach towards ….Tower. It was truly magnificent. I was so moved and I was able to picture myself settling down here and never leaving the Island. The little shop moved me so much, because it comforted my faith in humanity : men are also capable of the best : respect, compassion, honesty…nothing can assure us than people passing by this place won’t steal anything and give back the right change, but it gave us the feeling it was in fact the case. As fo us, we even left more change.

Tobermy, the island’s main city, 1000 souls, is a charming little harbor, with colorful houses, which reminded me of Plockton ; heartwarming and quiet. Its inhabitants and traders were so welcoming and helpful. The Island is otter’s paradise, and the latter is protected and cherrished. As a local mascot, it was easy to find many cuddly toys and goodies in it’s image. I crushed a a soft toy and a photograph by a local artist (found in the responsible shop) for a friend who is in love with this adorable animal.

We stayed a two full days and two nights on the Island. Honestly, I recommend you, if you wish to take your time, to stay longer. Mull is worth going out of your way to see. There is so many gorgeous walks to be made, to our deepest regret, we did not have the time to visit everything, which we already know, but we had just passed quickly by car during our last trop.

Very early, on the third day, we took the Ferry to Oban, to head towards Skye, we intended to mae much more hikes that time!