Scotland – From Edinburgh to Oban

20 March 2016
Mar 20th, 2016

Our first journey in scottish grounds, in september 2014, moved us so much that, as soon as we were home, an idea was stuck in our heads : going back. Going back, but this time taking fully our time.
This trek hence starts with the capitol, where we landed from Marseille.

There was a little novelty this year : two of our friends joined us for a few days. One day and a half only to stroll through the capitol, where we discovered Stewart and Christie, the oldest scottis tailor ( I will develop this further later on !). The charming owner, Vixy, showed us the place and told us about projects and renovations. It made us daydream and we cannot wait to see the changes next time we visit.

In the company of our friends, we left early Monday morning towards Oban. This little port bears nicely its name , coming from Gaelic and meaning « at the bay ». Our bed and breakfast was really charming and we had a crush on our bedroom with a sea view. A charming spot of sunshine dazzled us with a thousand muances of orange to crown this beautiful day !

We visited the whiskey distillery and our guide had a very strong scottish accent we struggled to grasp fully!  Fortunately, it was not our first visit of the distillery and we succeeded to follow easily enough and were able to taste two very fine whiskey at the end of the guided visit.

The next morning, we left our friends, whose diverse  and various responsibilities forced them to go back to Belgium.  And the two of us went on board of a ferry, which took us to our next destination : The island of Mull !

Next article : our two days on Mull, wild island where the otters reign !



  • Colin Hattersley
    Apr 11th, 2016 - 9:26 pm

    Your description of your first visit says it all.  You had a great time and already planning another trip. Looking forward to the next part of your Scottish adventures.