Scotland, Always & Forever – may 2016 #2

17 October 2016
Oct 17th, 2016

My dear readers,

This is the second post of my Scottish trip last May 2016. The third one since Septembre 2015! For a change, you’re going to have two post tonight, so stay tuned as the second part will be posted this evening too! Next Wednesday, you’ll read also two post in a day. I’ve deiced to post more in a very short period of time because I am leaving France for on whole month on Friday. To Scotland… And I will post daily / weekly posts about my stay, directly from my Scottish cottage. Si I feel the need to post all of my last trip before.

After many stops on the road to Braemar (the one we cherish so dearly),  we took the time to see the castle of our clan Farquharson, which we are members. The Castle was unfortunately closed, which was our biggest disappointment, but we still admired it and stayed a while just looking at it!

During our last trips, Balmoral, the British Queen Castle; was in renovation and we couldn’t visit it. But this time, we did! Even if it was an impressive building, it’s not my favorite. (My heart belongs to Craigievar and now Dunvegan; you’ll discover it on Wednesday!)

But I enjoyed a lot the stable and the gardens!

Be patient, a second post is coming this evening so… stay tuned and see you soon 😉

I wore: tweed cape: Stewart Christie, vintage jacket: Lilli Ann, skirt: Lena Hoschek, shoes: Cheaney, bag: vintage.

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