Scotland, Always & Forever – may 2016 #1

12 October 2016
Oct 12th, 2016

#1: Edinburgh, Portobello & road to Braemar


Vixy :3

If you have the feeling of being spammed by me about Scotland, you’re not wrong. I’ve been there many times in just two years. This is today my first post about the last trip, in May 2016.

Oh and do you remember that I’ll be back to Scotland (again!) in the mid-october for one month… ONE MONTH!  You’re going to be spammed about it (again!). Scotland, always and forever… (Good news, I visited London this summer and I have plenty of pics about that trip, for a change…)

We stayed fews days at our friend’s place at Edinburgh. Vixy is one of the talented designer behind Stewart Christie and thanks to her, we’ve met the incredible and legendary Mister Pearl ! At Stewart Christie I’ve bought a wool circle skirt with Black Watch tartan and a golden tweed cape with the loveliest silk lining I’ve ever seen, so soft, so confortable. I couldn’t go outside without it upon my shoulders.



François, moi, notre chère Vixy et Mister Pearl !


We FINALLY climbed Arthur Seat (yes, we never did it before that day! What a shame!). We went to the charming beach of Portobello which is not far away from Edinburgh. So many lovely victorian houses!  The sky was grey all day, but with many different shades of it (please, don’t make a joke about 50 shades of grey :3) and this was amazing to see this all day. We thought it was going to rain, but it didn’t!
The day after our “beach trip”, we took the car and left Edinburgh. First step of our third road trip: Braemar. We were so happy to see again the road which turned our heart Scottish. It was our first encounter with the Scottish landscape, wild nature, changing sky from grey to blue and blue to grey, mysterious fog to sunny and bright Highlands. And YES those changes can happen in one day!

Our crush was immediate that day and this a love story which will never end…


Ecosse 2014

Ecosse 2015