Scotland, always & forever – may 2016 #5

20 October 2016
Oct 20th, 2016

Here we are! the last post…

And I have still wonderful things to show. Then, don’t forget, I will be on Skye next week, for one month. I swear you will be astounded by my pictures again!

After the Fairy Glen, THE walk we wanted to do was the Quiraing one. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, we were advised to cut back… We took some pictures of the place, and we hope we may do this walk some days.

Ob Nan Rob, Staffin. As you can see on photos, the rain and a strong wing got us stuck on the edge with no possibility to go further. These cliffs were very impressive… Next time, Kilt Rock. It is said to be fantastic: dizzying cliffs with a splendid waterfall.

About the Fairy Pools we were dreaming to visit for years (we couldn’t find it the previous times…) it was quite… disappointing. One must say that due to some overphotoshoped pictures widespread on the net, this place was popularized. It stays beautiful but quite overrated. Furthermore, by its reputation, the walk suffers from too many tourists, the path is damaged… Indeed, the waterfalls sequence is nice; and yes, in some pools the water is translucent and turquoise… But comparing the pictures we took and the overaltered ones on the net is enough to notice the difference. If you want to visit the fairy lands, I can only recommend you to choose Fairy Glen… Except you have enough time to go everywhere, of course.

Finally, we went to Dunvegan Castle again… And guess why, it will not be the last time you see photos of this castle on this blog.