Scotland, always & forever – may 2016 #4

18 October 2016
Oct 18th, 2016

Penultimate part of my third trip to Scotland. During our first two journeys, we travelled in many different cities, so we were a lot on the road. That’s why, we had decided to stay on Skye enjoying as best as we could.

Unfortunately, once again, we were on the road too much. But that is not for a lack of coming on the island before… but we were fooled (once again) by the distances. Skye is not a small island. Roads are narrow and winding. Except some portions of highway, almost all the roads are made with one lane only, with some “passing places” to let other cars, coming from the other direction, pass. It takes between 4 and 5 hours to cross Skye from North to South. In brief, we spent too much time on the road… We won’t be fooled again the next time! (And indeed, next time we’ll spend one month on the island, in few days… I’m looking forward to that!)

We housed at Langal B&B  at Carbost (Talisker Bay) and the couple holding the guest house was charming. I recommend this place; moreover, it was not too expensive. We were pleased to live in this island side (maybe you already know our love for the Talisker whisky, our favorite!). From their house, we had a beautiful view on the loch. The local pub, The Old Inn, was really great! Good atmosphere, events like some folk band nice to listen. And a beer garden with a view on the loch… Believe me; you do not grow tired on it!

We visited the Dunvegan Castle. You will hear about this place a lot, I fear… I adore this castle. Then we went to the MacDonnald’s clan castle and memorial, in an unvisited part of the island. It was really cute; I may admit I love ruins: it’s my romantic side (more Chateaubriand than romance itself, of course, even if it is not that incompatible).

The discovery of this stay was the Fairy Glen, guided by our hosts. It was just fantastic; despite the rain, the fog, the wind, the mud… I’m not far to believe the bad weather made this experience so memorable and so beautiful. Those colors… I’m not even able to find words to express the colors magnificence. My photos are only a glimpse of reality. Nevertheless, I let you admire the few beauty my camera lens captured.