One week post wedding (already)

27 May 2017
May 27th, 2017

*Two preview of our wedding pictures from the great and amazing Laura Meek*

There we are, I’ve been married for exactly 7 days. I knew it would be an important moment in our life as a couple, but I have to admit: it was even more intense and beautiful than anything I’d ever dreamt of. I have no regrets (despite an empty bank account!). I knew it would be moving, but I didn’t expect to cry so much – or should I say, to weep like a baby – to see my love cry so much… and when I turned to our guests sitting in the room and saw them all crying too… such emotion! So much joy! How beautiful, splendid, perfect!

I knew this wedding was going to have a lasting effect on our lives: I never expected it to affect them so much. I’m a new woman. I’m still Nella, but I have this powerful feeling that I’ve just become a better version of myself. More powerful, more confident. Oh yes! Much more confident! Something changed inside of me. Something clicked. François already made me incredibly happy for years, but now, a whole new dimension of our love opened to me. It affected our couple. Everything seems simpler and our union opens the way for a thousand projects we hadn’t thought possible before. The impossible became possible.

As a big fan of Big Bang Theory, I feel compelled to share these words from Penny: “ I just realized I don’t need to be famous to be happy, I just need you, let’s get married!”. This revelation Penny had at this moment, I thought I already had it, but I think it only anchored itself in me on the day of our union.

I felt an immense wave of love around us. Powerful and indestructible. Our love for each other. The love of our children. But above all, I realized how lucky we were, surrounded by our friends, how much we were loved by them. Our dear friends who travelled thousands of kilometers, drove on the left side of sinuous roads full of sheep and cows, took a bus and a plane for a trip that’s still costly. Our dear friends didn’t hesitate, and the rare absent ones were very thoughtful despite the distance. Indeed, very very few people on our list weren’t able to make it. It’s quite incredible when you think of it. I’m getting emotional just writing these words.

And, my self-confidence is more than boosted: I feel like I’m able to move mountains. I’m no longer afraid. I look at myself in the mirror, I see myself, with my acne scars and some zits and I still think I’m beautiful. I don’t judge myself as severely as I used to. Nothing seems to be able to destroy my positivity and happiness. A strong bond was created, between me and my husband, with our children and family and friends. A week-end no one is going to forget any time soon…

I think that the rest of the world could hate me without me giving it the slightest bit of attention: I feel loved, for what I am, for what we are, François and me, both as a couple and as individuals. I can never thank you enough. I love you!


  • Loliz
    May 28th, 2017 - 1:46 pm

    Bon, bah voilà, je te lis régulièrement, sans commenter mais là, il fallait que je te dise que tu viens de me faire pleurer. C’était un magnifique week-end. On vous aime tous les quatre. Merci à vous aussi pour votre amitié. Je me suis sentie très aimée aussi. Un échange et une communion parfaits.