One month in the Skye #6

13 March 2017
Mar 13th, 2017

November seems very far now, all the more so today as I’m writing this article (there’s exactly 72 days left before the wedding). My month on Skye gets farther and farther away, and our next Scottish journey gets closer, as well as an important step in our life as a couple. I’m very happy, although I’ve been very tired the last couple of weeks.

But all the memories of this month spent in our little cottage by the loch are still fresh in my memory. I can still smell the smouldering logs in the stove and the crackling of the fire; the sound of wind and rain, the reindeers bellowing in the forest of Scalpa island, just on the other side of the loch… the colours in the sky… Oh, this sky. It was never the same throughout our whole stay… but this sky, by day or by night, this sky amazed and fascinated me.



Portree colored harbour

When our friend Mayeul joined us, we experienced some abrupt weather changes. The Quiraing was sometimes sunny, sometimes misty (read here). Just after this hike, we stopped to see Kilt Rock, the waterfall falling directly into the sea. The wind was then very impressive, and the rain fell horizontally!

 It was on the way back to the cottage that the sky offered us one of the best shows ever: a fabulous sunset. Everything was bathed in that soft orange light, the Highlands were red. Despite the rain and the November cold, I wasn’t feeling cold and the setting sun warmed my heart. This moment is branded into my soul forever. We only took a few pictures, then we watched in silence. What could we have said in front of so much beauty? Neither words nor images can describe it. Today still, this sun remains etched in my eyelids.

Oh, it wasn’t 4pm yet… and only two hours later, a new ballet took place in the sky: the stars appeared one by one as the wind chased away the clouds. We immortalized some scenes before the rain forced us to take shelter near the stove, with a glass of Talisker.


Coming soon: discovering the Raasay Island!!