One month in the Skye: The End #9

10 May 2017
May 10th, 2017

Our last days on our beloved Isle of Skye were full of events. First of all, the temperature dropped drastically, and the thermometer could go down to -8°C, with some snow falls and even a quite incredible hail storm (yep we were under it, believe me, we got hurt!).

We went to go and see the snowy cuillins, and on the road to Elgol, we visited (through hail…) an old cemetery and, next to it, a circle of raised stones we had never noticed before.

I was also able to meet and interview a jeweller named Duncan. A very nice meeting and lovely jewels! You’ll be able to read the interview this month. You’ll see, his work is stunning, delicate, elaborate… everything François and I love! Then, we settled the last details for our upcoming wedding: we were lucky because we were able to meet all of our service providers so we could go back with a peaceful mind!

On the morning of our departure, it was really cold but the sky was clear and colourful. It was so beautiful! On the road to Edinburgh, we stopped near Braemar: I had never seen so much snow (no, I never went to the mountain during winter!). It was deep, even knee-high at some places (this is where those who live or go to snowy places laugh out loud ;D)!

Our last weekend was spent at our friend Vixy’s, in Edinburgh (with low spirits but in good company). We went to Circle Lane: a very nice neighbourhood, one of our favourites now along with Stone Bridge.

The way back was quite depressing: we cried a lot, we were tired… Happily, knowing that we would be back in May for our wedding helped to keep our spirits up. And today, as I’m writing this article, there’s precisely a week left before we go back to Scotland, and 11 days before our wedding on the beautiful and mysterious Isle of Skye. Oh Skye, I’ll never get tired of you…

The end.