One month in the Skye #7

6 April 2017
Apr 6th, 2017

Loch Slapin

Oh how I miss this beautiful country! I guess I’ll have to share a new episode of my “a month on Skye” series then. Bad news is, I’m nearly at the end of my travel story: only a few more posts… But I have good news: I’m going back in a month and three weeks, plus I haven’t shared the story of my London trip yet (July 2016). More beautiful post coming!


Still with our friend Mayeul, we took the southern road to Elgol. We only took it once in 2015. We happen to love this part of the island too! And especially Loch Slapin, that François drew many times (especially in his last book, Les Destructeurs, that you can buy here). The weather was changing fast and we spent a long time there just hopping around! It was great.



November colours are my favourite (though I liked the May ones too!). These orange hues, greens and browns… and the sun painting everything in red shadows… rain and grey weather making everything shine gold… This country’s beauty is a soothing treat for the eyes, no matter the weather!


By the time we reached Elgol, rain was pouring and we couldn’t get near the great cliff. We were still able to admire the turquoise sea… On the way back, we found a very nice jewelery shop, Duncan, you’ll hear more about it this month in the Storytelling section 😉


Not much to write for once, I leave you with the pictures and tell you “bon voyage”!