A month in the Skye #3

9 December 2016
Dec 9th, 2016

Some thoughts upon a starry night…

My month on Skye was magical and unforgettable. Living in the present, even at a slower rhythm, was a true breath of air – and given how pure the air of Skye is, it’s not a metaphor. These pictures, taken during our first week there, back up my words. I never saw so many stars in the sky, never! Seeing the milky Way so clearly, all the constellations (and not only Ursa Major and Cassiopeia, all of them! Even Orion!) and even a small aurora was one of the most beautiful things I ever experienced. My eyes are still full of glittery star-stuff, and when I close them, I see those thousands of points twinkle at me.

Taking the time to live, without having to hurry and without ever stressing out is a feeling I never got to experience with so much strength and pleasure. I’m trying to hold on to it since I came back to France (one week already…), but it’s far more complicated with the everyday must-dos, the paperwork (which accumulated while I was away…) and the delay in my professional duties due to this idyllic month. Well! I have several interviews to finish and pending posts at least two weeks late, but no matter, they will all be written and published, and I don’t want to rush and botch those articles that are dear to me.

If this month in Scotland taught me something, it’s how to make peace with myself. No more self-blame and guilty feeling for too short deadlines imposed by my austere and rigorous self! Gone, the panic caused by my self-inflicted stress! Time for freedom! Time for loving myself, for allowing myself to have weaknesses, to not be perfect. This is the message with which I came back, stronger and more confident.

It will have an influence on my future projects. First, I am going to post less on the blog, the current rhythm is so high that I have no time left to work on my novel. I also decided to start my Patreon soon (it’s a system of monthly crowd-funding that connects a creator to their public directly): sadly, art is not all you need to live, though I’d like to! For the same reason, I will only accept paid collaborations from now on (don’t hesitate to contact me and ask for rates).

Last but not least, my friend Eglantine and I are working on a new project, SOUFFLE VITAL (“breath of life”). I will tell you more about it very soon, but here are a few hints… an anti- “women’s magazine”, for women, every month… I’ll stop there!