Nice jaunt with Claudine Cherrylin

18 March 2017
Mar 18th, 2017

In February, I went to see Claudine near Cannes. We spent a whole day in Nice. I’d already been there a few times, but I never visited the old Nice. I was finally able to take the time to discover this city. The weather was rainy, with a strong wind, the seaside road was even closed down when we came back! Despite the greyish weather, I loved this city and its little narrow streets with coloured houses, that reminded me of my childhood in Italy. We ate socca, a must-try local dish: a kind of crêpe made of corn flour.

Claudine then took me to a very dangerous place (tee-hee!): the vintage shop Caprice (“tantrum”). As you can imagine, we didn’t leave empty-handed… I’ll give you the details later on. And as a crowning for this perfect day, we enjoyed an Italian hot chocolate to die for. Really!

The next day, we went back to Aix so that Claudine could see the Marilyn Monroe exhibition at the Caumont hotel before it ended (I already saw it, if you’re from Aix or planning a visit, don’t miss this exhibition, it’s till May 1st). We ate there and had a glass of champagne. I can’t wait for our next weekend together!

My findings:

I’ll take pics soon!

  1. A black dress made of Italian lace, very Sophia Loren. This summer will be the Dolce Vita for the Fragolina! 😉
  2. A simple dark blue little top, a good thing because I don’t have enough tops.
  3. And two little accessories for the upcoming wedding, but I’ll keep these a secret for now 😉