My dream wishlist wardrobe for 2017

3 March 2017
Mar 3rd, 2017

Many changes are happening in my wardrobe

First of all, I’ve decided to get rid of all lolitas dresses. Even if I’ve been into lolita fashio for 15 years, I know need a real and complete move-on. Many dresses are still in my « armoire » just because of all the memories I still have from wearing them few years ago. But now, I need a new departure !

Saving up my money to re-build a new wardrobe

I am going to keep the money from all my sellings to re-build a new wardrobe. I have listed some of the favourite stuffs from my favourite brands. I don’t want to buy clothes in a rush : I want to think about it carefully and invest only in items I really need. I want quality, not quantity. I want to buy clothes for a lifetime and note juste for a season !

My first crush : Marilyn Feltz

As I only have two pieces from this designer and as I have a collection problem: this is my first “target” of the year.

  1. Louise Blouse in orange
  2. Chantilly cardigan, in pink, black and ivory (and all up-coming colours actually… if some are coming!)
  3. Palm Springs dress, but in beige… :3
  4. Ravignan dress
  5. Edith Suit
  6. Belleville Dress
  7. Pencil skirt Mademoiselle
  8. Pencil skirt Belleville

Second big crush : Ginger Jackie

  1. Twist top (in any color !!!)
  2. Twist dress (I already have one in burgundy, I want more colors…)
  3. Angie, in burgundy (I mean, look at this back…)
  4. Sherlock 
  5. Bar jacket
  6. Peplum pencil skirt
  7. Drama dress… just to feel like a queen.

Third and newest discover: Elizabeth Martin Tweed

  1. Florie lace skirt and top
  2. Muriel Tweed dress in navy
  3. Besse lace dress
  4. This hat… wow!!!

Of course, Lena Hoschek !

Not a priority… because I have so many pieces already… but stil my first fashion love story. And I think I’ll look every second hand items from Provence collection. I mean… come on, i live in Provence, I need MORE!!! Haha!

  1. Navy blue mermaid dress
  2. Cambridge Skirt in tweed
  3. Essex Tweed suit


Voriagh : I need more !

  1. Anita Blouse
  2. Blouse Elyn
  3. Sur robe Milda
  4. Robe Eryn
  5. Robe Meredith