Light and hope !

9 January 2017
Jan 9th, 2017

On that beautiful Autumn morning in Paris, Cyril and I had a chance to enjoy some late Summer sunshine.

Tonight, I feel all the more delighted to see these pictures as there is no need to have more than a bit of light, to wear a nice dress and to feel light and merry for a photo shoot with Cyril. I’ve known him for some years now, worked with him previously, and hope to be lucky to do so many more times.

As I was saying, a bit of light would do me good tonight as I had quite a lot of bad news lately and some very bad ones tonight -in short, unexpected incidents and contracts vanishing. Though things have really gone wrong recently, the light is still shining, and I am determined to work harder.

If it happens that I was made to suffer, I will not give up or surrender. It also happens that I have no more next of kind to support me but fortunately, I have my beloved one by my side, plus his relatives. This is the reason why I will not be in despair ; also why I believe that the little girl in me who endured so much can now rest in peace. I promise I will do everything I can to achieve her dreams. Trust me, I have been working hard and am going to work even harder so as to succeed.

Then, I’ll be marrying the man of my life in a few months. We’ve been saving for quite a long time now to make our dream come true. I’ve also been working on my blog, pictures and novels for almost two years. If this business seems to be starting off well, I confess that I cannot make a living on it yet. Anyway, I do not want my spirit to be low or all the work I’ve already done, or even our wedding, to be spoilt by such bad news.

That’s why tonight, I’ve made a decision as follows : I really have to sign some artistic contracts or even to get some part time job in case nothing comes in between, but meanwhile, I am going to set a « Donation » button on my blog for those who would be willing to help me, and also create my Patreon -something I have been thinking about for some time now. You can also order my pictures on IV Horsemen : HERE on Etsy, or one of my novels on my Kindle Amazon : HERE (soon updated).

That’s not all. As shown by statistics, many of you also read my blog. Then, why not post a comment, share it, make it famous. More, if you happen to know designers, craftwork artists or smart entrepreneurs who could take an interest in my work, why not encourage them to come and have a look, and so get in touch with me. They’ll be very welcomed.

In the end, not everything goes wrong or so wrong. It is commonly said that money cannot buy happiness. Maybe, but believe me, even the most passionate and gifted artists cannot live on love and fresh water. Thank you.

Translation: Claudine Cherylin


  • Colin Hattersley
    Jan 15th, 2017 - 5:38 pm

    Best wishes for a happy wedding day . Hope you receive some good news in the near future so that your many talents get the financial rewards they deserve.

  • Nella Fragola
    Jan 16th, 2017 - 7:56 pm

    Thanks dear Colin! I’ve started to have some good news. I’ll work harder and harder! Never give up in life 😉