Lie Dil

15 October 2016
Oct 15th, 2016

It was at the South Vintage Festival and at the vintage wedding fair organized by Toi et Moi last year that I met this designer from Aix-en-Provence, and I’ve had a huge crush on her work ever since. Aurélie invited me into her workshop located at the very heart of this southern city to talk about her career and the brand she created in 2014, Lie Dil.

accd02You are about to get married and you know exactly what you want for your wedding dress, but can’t find it anywhere? Or maybe you have no precise idea of what you want, but know what you don’t, and wish for a dress made for you? Look no further, the solution is here: Lie Dil!

Lie Dil makes tailor-made, personalized wedding dresses, and the designer will be able to make your wildest dreams come true. Getting married is a very important event, a deep bonding experience that is only celebrated once in a lifetime, one day that will stand out forever. It is therefore perfectly normal to wish for a very special dress for this very special day, a dress made for you and only you, a unique dress. If that is truly your wish, then Lie Dil is the place to go.

Aurélie has had a remarkable career, one could say she is a “fashion doctor”, as she spent six years studying for it. After spending a year in Applied Arts at the Duperré school, she undertook a DMA in Costumes, where she learned how to create historical stage garb (for theatre plays, the opera, movies…) and she was a trainee in the Lyrical Art Festival of Aix-en-Provence. She “loved this formation”, especially “creating an outfit reflecting the story and personality of a character”. This is how she first came up with the idea of creating tailor-made wedding dresses for a living: she likes nothing more than to imagine and produce an outfit that fits the person wearing it.


I visited her workshop and felt in love with EVERYTHING!

Being hungry for knowledge, she then entered a Master of Fashion Creator at the Atelier Chardon Savard, where she learned how to create a collection both personal and coherent as a whole, in a high fashion runway style. Stressing creativity in modern fashion, it was very different from her DMA where she studied historical techniques. It was “a very rewarding experience, we could give our imagination a free rein, the only limits being our own creativity and personal preferences”. But she missed being able to make personalized outfits: “exchanging with the person, the story the garb would tell”. These two training courses gave the designer a solid background based on a unique mix born from both past traditions and modern techniques, complementing each other to perfection.

But she did not stop there and continued with a Master in Fashion Marketing, so as to acquire a solid knowledge in business, brand identity, visual merchandising… Such commercial techniques as “plan and develop one’s own brand” for example were very useful: indeed, each brand has its own identity, image, story and codes. Aurélie was very taken with this subject, and used this knowledge when she created her own brand. She worked for a time as a visual merchandiser, but soon came to miss the real creation of dressmaking.

Besides, she had left Paris to come to Aix-en-Provence while still a visual merchandiser: she had fallen in love with this city during her internship at the Lyrical Art Festival some years before, even then thinking that it was “the perfect city in which to open a tailor-made wedding dress shop” – she always thought her workshop would not be born in the capital.

After quitting her job in 2014, she fumbled for a time with the creation of her own brand: she developped its concept, created its image and logo, and realized her first creations. This trial year proved that she was “able to understand her clients’ expectation and bring them to life”. She then spent a lot of her time expending her professional network, using “collaborations with other professionals from the wedding industry, where photographers, florists, interior designers, jewellers, makeup artists and hair stylists worked together to stage inspirational series of photographs” in order to showcase their work.


Aurélie will take the time to welcome you into her workshop, and also share with you her portfolio of professionals, all of them united by the same values of a thoughtful and personnalized service – they will be a great addition to your wedding-dedicated address book! More than anything, she likes to “spend time with her clients in order to create the dress that suits them”. Your dream dress can become a reality! You will discover everything on my blog with a storytelling series, the first episode “Storytelling: creations in the making” coming Saturday October 22th.

Contact her to get an appointment and meet her at: 

Lie Dil
40 bis rue Victor Leydet
13100 Aix en Provence

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Credit photos:  Workshop : Nella Fragola; Inspiration shootings: Denis Dalmasso; Caroline Feraud, Fred Bruneau, Ludovic Authier, By Oriane and Colas Declercq.