La lavande est l’âme de la Haute Provence

8 October 2016
Oct 8th, 2016

Dear readers,

Here is the second photo series taken by photographer Arina B during her stay in Provence. For this shooting, she suggested a lavender field she had previously spotted near Sault.

For those living in the South of France, lavender is not just any flower. It is a symbol, the very definition of our region. During summer, our countryside is wrapped in the purple shawl of the lavender fields, and its rich smell follows us into our houses.

My wardrobe is not complete without its lavender sash, neatly folded in Provençal fabric. Even my Marseille soap is made with lavender essential oil. Besides, did you know that lavender stands for the 46th year of marriage? Isn’t it the perfect setting for a couple shooting? It’s so romantic…

I’m wearing a swimsuit top (yes yes!) and a vintage skirt, both from the 40s and bought at Blow Up, as was the undated hat. There’s also an Edwardian shawl that’s been in the family for a long time, and Antoine et Lili shoes. I will leave the last words to Jean Giono:

“Lavender is the soul of Provence”.

“Ce sont surtout des champs de lavandin avec leurs prolifiques rangées de velours côtelé que l’on rencontre sur les plateaux de Haute Provence, la lavande fine n’étant cultivée que plus haut, sur les contreforts de la montagne de Lure, la lavande est l’âme de la Haute Provence. A l’époque de la récolte, les soirs embaument, les couleurs du couchant sont des litières de fleurs coupées, les alambics rudimentaires installés près des citernes soufflent des flammes rouges dans la nuit”.
Jean Giono, Provence