Istres airshow – célébration of the 100th anniversary of Lafayette Escadrille )

1 August 2016
Aug 1st, 2016

Jeremie and I

I met Jeremie for the first time by mère coïncidence, during my first photoshoot with André Rémy. He was part of the  extras for our World War 2 photoshoot, with airplanes and jeeps from the era.

He was dressed up as a british soldier. Besides, he is genuinely british (in the right way : a gentleman by excellence).

We quickly hit it off and appreciated one another for our shared passion around the collection of vintage clothing and  items, and our perpetual attention to détail, to be as close as possible to history. We exchanged our contact détails quite naturally.

Shortly afterwards, he invited me to join his ETO 30 Association to be part of the Istres Airshow. He really pinpointed my soft spot for vintage planes…

I did not hesitated one single second, and even dragged my spiritual mother, Claudine, to join me during this time travel. Neither of us had military outfits, so we went as civilians, but our outfits were appreciated for their authenticities.









Silly smiling face! 😉




Me and Blériot Plane

It was really warm durin that first weekend of June, and I will let you IMG_7809
imagine the effect of the sun’s réverbération on the tarmac….It did not stop us from enjoying the constant Airshow » North Alsace, Patrouille de France, Rafale… all immersed in our atemporal bubble with a military camp and 80 extras wearing World War 2 uniforms…

A little dream came true when we realised we could get closer to admire and take pictures of one of the rare faithful réplicas of the Bleriot plane. I will let you admire too ! charming isn’t it ?


  • Colin Hattersley
    Aug 2nd, 2016 - 11:18 pm

    Another great blog Nella really like your enthusiasm for the time period. Thanks so much for writing and sharing.