Hen party #2 Strasbourg

22 June 2017
Jun 22nd, 2017

As I told you before, my first bachelorette party was with Delphine, one of my bridesmaids, at Disney. Mirabelle, my second bridesmaid, planned a surprise weekend in her city, Strasbourg, at the same time when my fiancé left with his witness and a friend for his bachelor party in Scotland (I admit, I was veeeeeery jealous at first ;D)

Bachelorette party again: bye bye jealousy!

Admittedly, my friend and her husband cooked up an INCREDIBLE weekend! I’ll admit it, I was sure I was going to Paris at first. My little envelope with my train tickets could only be opened the day before the departure… I had no idea where I was going to go! In fact, I was indeed supposed to go to Paris at first, but my Parisian friend had had to cancel the plans because of her health.

Disney and mermaid package by Delphine

But three days before my trip, she sent me a big package with Christmas Mickey tea and Winnie the Poo honey (I had tasted and fell for it at her place), and black and silver mermaid tail tights… that you can admire on the pictures taken in Strasbourg! 😉

I think we’re in trouble… And bridesmaid does not care…

A weekend in Strasbourg: Escape Game and role-playing game around a cup of tea

I told you my friends know me well! Mirabelle and her husband kidnapped and locked me away in a 1920 asylum (yes I swear, look at the picture…). It was great! We also spent the afternoon with role-playing games, drinking tea and eating delicious gluten-free pastries. I was an empty-headed princess whose sole goal in life was to find a prince that was richer and had a better title than me… hilarious!

Zombies, laughs and walking in Strasbourg

With them, I share a common passion for horror movies, especially those that are… funny. We watched Dead Snow 1 and 2. I laughed so much! Hey, I wanna see Zombeavers ;D We walked around Strasbourg, and I could see the Little France and eat a sauerkraut at the Kammerzell House.

And also… the Swan Lake Ballet.

What? You thought that was all? But I told you, I was so spoiled! Just when I thought the weekend could not get any better, I was whisked into a tramway at the last minute, then into the city Zénith… to see a ballet! Yes, that was on my list too… In fact, my friends managed to arrange everything I wanted to do the most! Aren’t they super great? Only the day at the spa left… with my town hall witnesses. Perfect, isn’t it? 😉

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