Haute Couture ethical and environment-friendly !

17 July 2017
Jul 17th, 2017

When I think about High Fashion, many things come to my mind: clothes made unaffordable by their high price, frenzily searching for the latest piece presented during the Fashion Week and reckless consuming followed by an incredible amount of clothing piling up in the wardrobe. Then come the “copies” from “fast fashion” brands, trying to cheaply reproduce the trends set by these big brands. All that counts is to show you’re fashionable, although fashions last for a few months at best. Once this short lifespan is over, these once much-desired clothes will be found on second-hand websites for half the original price or even less. I admit I always stood apart from these fashion events, not even knowing when the Fashion Weeks take place or what the currently hyping trends are. I’m one of these women who never open women’s magazines and never longed for a Vuitton purse or a padded Chanel handbag.


To be honest, I don’t have anything against luxury and High Fashion, on the contrary. It’s just that my conception of what luxury or “being fashionable” means is a bit different. More precisely, I always tried to be “stylish” rather than “fashionable”. Clothes are very important to me because they allow me to express who I am. That’s why I never tried to follow a trend: my goal always was to find THE style which would suit me best. I went from various “niche fashions”, like Gothic Lolita or vintage, to what I today think of as my personal style, an accurate reflection of my tastes and personality. I added to that a desire for quality, for long-lasting clothes. Never settle for good enough, choose only the best: this is true luxury, for me at least. All of this became so dear to me that shopping almost became a hardship. Despite the simple quest for personal expression and quality, I indeed added to my list more and more criteria: environment-friendliness, responsible and respectful treatment of animals, no exploitation of the workers… Numerous shops became off-limits to me: but if I could no longer shop the mainstream brands, other options, far better, were to be found: small artisans with golden hands, sharing the same passion and values that lead me to write this blog advertising lasting and ethical consuming.

As years passed, my way of consuming changed. I went from a monstrously big wardrobe to a much smaller one, but where each piece is carefully selected. I prefer to own less but better things, and I’d rather buy only a few expensive pieces a year than to accumulate a plethora of dresses whose low quality and price would only enable me to wear for 2 or 3 months before they’re ruined and thrown away. In short, I went from fashion bulimic to fashion ascetic!

I’m always looking for creators that can wake a thrill in me. When I had the chance to talk with the creator of Ach Chajai, I quickly saw that I had found a new gem: I can only be happy to discover more and more people that, like her, want to change the world. You’ll surely think that it can’t be changed through High Fashion. Think again: clothes have more to say to us than the superficial “I want to be pretty”. At all times, in every era, clothes had a political meaning: what would we call sans-culottes with pants? What would the 20’s be without the boyish look? Putting clothes on (or taking them off!) can convey such a symbolic meaning!

In a few days, I’ll tell you more details about this new creator on the blog. She managed to tick all of my boxes: High Fashion, quality, a controlled production line, various craftsmen involved, designs both timeless and original… For now, I’ll let you admire some of my favourite pieces and pictures of her workshop. I haven’t had a chance to visit it yet, but I so long to jump on a train and go to Paris to see it and try one of those beautiful pieces on!

Only one collection per year, ethical, environment-friendly, integrating ancient skills that would disappear if nothing is done to preserve them… And the result is fashionable, or, should I say, stylish!

If, like me, you wish to change the world, then please share this article, make this creator known, participate in her funding in Kiss Kiss here. Know that there is no small participation: if each of us helps, even with 10e, we can help her take her project even further! For a better (fashion) world!


See you soon on the blog to hear more about Ach Chajai!