Harris & Lewis

16 August 2016
Aug 16th, 2016

You already know that my heart turned Scottish since my first trip in 2014, but Harris & Lewis stole my soul. We didn’t plan enough time and I can’t wait to go back.

It is incredible how Scottish natural landscape can change very quickly; and the island was one of the most amazing place to admire it. We took the ferry from Uig, Isle of Sky to Tarbet. When we arrived, I was amazed to see how different it was from all I’ve already seen before!

We visited the Callanish standing stones. It was impressive and we stayed here a long time, contemplating the view… It rained a lot so it was muddy and we had to cross in the middle of a sheep cattle which were watched us impassively. They even take the pose for my camera!

We were sleeping at Stornaway. Even if my first impression was how the port look sad and a bit gloomy. Actually, after a day and a night, I actually enjoyed the city much more.

We also saw the most beautiful, giant beach, with stunning azur water. The first one we went to, we had to walk around 10 minutes before seing the sea…

Then, we went to St Clement Church on Harris side, a very old Catholic church I felt in love with. That’s where we find a road we’d believed where on the moon. Just look at the pics, you’ll understand why!

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