12 October 2015
Oct 12th, 2015

A short post today, as i have mostly very pretty pictures to share with you. Last Jjune, I had the chance to visit Monet’s house for the second time, in Giverny. If you never went there, I can guarantee you it is Worth the visit ! his house is adorable, with really pretty furniture. The kitchen remains to be my crush…I’m still dreaming about it ! the garden is magnificent, in all its blossoming end of spring splendor . I took so many pictures it has been so hard to choose a few for this blog ! I was not expecting such a splendid weather, and my daily outfit, a woolen suit by Lena Hoschek and my tweed waistcoat by Walker Slater ( scottish tailor based in Edinburgh), turned out to be way too warm. The dat before, in Mantes-la-Jolie comic books festival, where my dear and beloved Francois Amoretti was invited, were found some superb retro cars. The joy I felt when I saw a DS ! it is my dream car and I could not help : I needed a photo souvenir next to this beauty. This day, again, I was wearing my flowery jacket from the Rose collection by Lena Hoschek, and a tweed skirt, still from my favorite austrian designer ! Needless to say, upside down, Lena rings a bit like Nella, isn’t it ?

Thank you for Reading my blog !

My outfit of the day:
Suit : Lena Hoshek;
 Waistcoat : Walker Slater;
Blouse, hat and bag : vintage 40’s