From eloping to a small wedding

27 February 2017
Feb 27th, 2017

You must have realized it in the last post, but our idea of eloping to Scotland became, little by little, far more than that 🙂 So I’m going to explain why and how our idea changed… One of the first reasons was the choice of the venue…

A lost-in-the-highlands wedding?

One of our first wishes! We love the wild and colourful nature of Scotland. Even if it meant we may have to marry under a pouring rain… we knew it was part of the game 😉 As we checked the Scottish wedding venues, we realized the extraordinary potential of this country. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that France has none! But we found some gems… and reasonably priced, too. We then thought… why not an atypical venue? At least for the reception?

Fairy Glen, Skye, Scotland

…in a castle, a little manor or a beautiful hotel?

Yes, you read that right! Of course, according to size, prestige and location, prices can double or triple. The Braemar Castle was an instant crush, all the more because we’re members of the Farquharson clan… and that Braemar is the place where we first discovered the Highlands in 2014! the prices were very reasonable! But sadly, the castle is undergoing repairs. We kept searching… until we found THE perfect place… but I want to keep you waiting a bit more 😉

From eloping to a small wedding.

The prices of our second choice were not excessively high, and they offered 3 bundles: for only 6 people, for up to 20, and for up to 60. We started dreaming, and thinking, why not invite a few more friends? At first, we tried to limit our list to 20. But the counting proved epic, and after listing and relisting, a first list of 27 people was made. As it happens, it grew a bit more…

Final guests count: 47.

Yes, the idea of eloping was left far behind. Of course, not everyone will be present. A trip abroad is a very different budget from just traveling within France… In fact, we thought so, but as you’ll see, our friends answered with joy and enthusiasm…

In the next post, I’ll tell you about the pros and cons of a ceremony abroad 😉

Fairy Glen, Skye, Scotland