Flea market at Sollies-pont (South of France)

3 June 2015
Jun 3rd, 2015
Dear readers, 
Few weeks ago, I went with some friends to a vintage flea market at Sollies-Pont, near Toulon (South of France). It was really hot despite the fact we were in…. April. That was my first busy day out the house since my feet surgery, so I was exhausted, I couldn’t stay too long. The booths were very great, from furniture to clothing, and I liked the cars and bikes a lot too.
 Many musics bands were playing on stage all day. Unfortunately, I missed the pinup fashion show; I had to leave because I was so tired and my feet were hurting me so much.
 I couldn’t take pictures because I forgot my camera, but thanks to my dear friends Ultimate Psycho, I have some souvenirs from the day. Thanks also to Laura Sauvage who took wonderful pics of me!


Hat, blouse, skirt, bag, sun glasses and scarf: vintage
Cardigan: Lena Hoschek
Laurage sauvage vintage sollies nella fragola pinup 03 
Thanks for watching!
Nella Fragola