Final rehearsal of the Preljocaj Ballet at the Grand Théâtre de Provence

3 May 2017
May 3rd, 2017

On Tuesday, May 2nd, I was able to attend the final rehearsal of Preljocaj Ballet’s Soirées de duos (“duo night”) with my stepmother. I’m a big fan of dancing in general, and as it happens, I’d been looking forward to seeing this ballet on stage for a long time. So I’d like to say thank you to the Grand Théâtre de Provence for inviting me!

I was blown away by this ballet. I must admit that I was a bit lost at first, because I’m used to classical ballets. After a first dance as a group, full of grace and harmony, the dancers all moving as one, there was a solo that deeply moved me. The lights playing between shadows and copper shades were beautiful, and the way the dancer undulated her body impressed me. Her back seemed to buckle and bend, and I even thought for an instant she no longer had arms… It was monstrous, strange and beautiful at the same time! Quite disturbing… I’ll admit, this solo left its mark on me. Soon enough, I got used to it and let myself be carried away!

Duos flowed on for an hour and a half without a single moment of boredom. I was even surprised to see it come to an end. The show is varied, enriched by music and melodious sound design. The light displays were really great too, always highlighting the costumes and the dancers’ bodies.

I won’t go into more details about my other favourite duos: sadly, I think that no words could do this ballet justice, plus, I don’t want to “spoil” the surprise for you! I invite you to go and see it at the grand Théâtre de Provence. There are still some tickets left for the performances on Thursday and Friday! Despite my bias for classical ballets, I was mesmerized by the dancers of the Preljocaj Ballet. A big thank you to the Grand Théâtre de Provence!