EVJF #1 Disney

2 June 2017
Jun 2nd, 2017

I was lucky to have a lot of support for my wedding preparations. I created a secret group online to which only my bridesmaids, witnesses, our officer and my dressmaker had access. (Yes, even my fiancé was excluded from this particular group). I’ll tell you more about it later on. I already intend to save all of our exchanges before I delete the group, to keep as a souvenir.

Bridesmaids scattered all around France

This group allowed me to communicate easily with my friends, who live far apart, and it was also where my fiancé’s best man shared the chosen date for his bachelor party. It proved impossible to find a date where all of my bridesmaids could come. Two of them live in Paris, one in Strasbourg, two in Aix-en-Provence, and my dear friend Morgane lives in Touraine…

Bridesmaids in Scotland vs town hall witnesses

Just as a reminder, I asked 6 of my friends to be my bridesmaids: one said no, two others could not come to Scotland but accepted to be my witnesses at the town hall. I then suggested something: to organize a bachelorette party before Scotland with all of the bridesmaids who were coming there, and another before going to the town hall with my two witnesses. It made for less people to gather  in one place…

My wishes and friends who know me well: mermaid and Disney, check!

I was able to share my wishes: one was that I dreamed of going to Disney to see the show of Mickey and the magician, another that I wanted to swim with a mermaid tail… and this is what I’m going to talk about today! I had two bachelorette parties, the first one at Disney with my friend Delphine; the second one she couldn’t come to because of health issues, but she spoiled me with a package full of surprises (I’ll tell you more in part 2!).

A surprise before the bachelorette party: I’m a mermaid!

My dear Delphine really spoiled me: indeed, in October 2016, I spent two days at her place during my Parisian trip. And she took me to the swimming pool where I could swim with her mermaid tail! As you can see in the picture, I was so happy! We also watched Splash on the evening of my bachelorette party… Ah, Tom Hanks… 😉

Mickey and the magician at Disney

In December, I went back to Delphine’s place to spend a whole day at Disney. A lot of my favourite attractions were closed for renovations, such as Star tour, the mine train… and ratatouille, which I never tried, was out of order. But no matter! The most important thing for me was to see the new show, Mickey and the Magician. And that was great! Magical! I loved the Genie, Cinderella, the Lion King… everything in fact!

And also: Frozen, the Phantom Manor, the Illuminations Show…

I rarely saw characters at Disney, but this time, I was able to catch the Frozen parade: I saw Elsa and Anna! It was so cool. We were able to do the Phantom Manor (I insisted!)  and at night, the Illuminations Show at the castle was wonderful. To summarize: a thousand thanks Delphine, I loved all of your surprises!


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