Culloden, Newtonmore & Cawdor Castle.

22 September 2016
Sep 22nd, 2016

Last post of my September 2015 Scottish road trip. By the way, I still have my last May Scottish trip and last London July trip to share with you. Did I already tell you that I’ll spend one month in Scotland from the 21st of October to the 21st of November this year? I am so excited right now! I just dream more and more about the day I’ll be able to move there definitely…

For our last days, we went to visit two more distilleries: Balblair and Glenmorangie. The first one reminds me the movie “angel’s share” that I really enjoyed. Did you see it? :3

Culloden was a very emotional place to be. I literally cried. I nearly had a anxiety crisis when we were on the cinema: we saw how, in just few minutes, the English destroyed the weakened and exhausted Jacobite army. I felt also ashamed to be french, on how we could have helped more. Well, the battlefield museum is a must-see in Scotland, for sure. Huge part of history was made here, and I felt so impressed and powerless. I mean, so…. little!

Then, we visited Cawdor Castle. It was charming and I surely enjoyed the gardens: some parts were so frenchy, symmetrically and well-builded like Le Nôtre style;  other parts so British! We went to Fort George as well. Very impressive!

I forgot to take pics of my outfit on the first day, but on the second, I was wearing my Jane Marple JSK and my corseted belt from Clara Maeda, that I cherish a lot!