By the shore of the pond.

22 July 2015
Jul 22nd, 2015
Hello dear readers!
Despite my will of being more serious and personal on my blog, I promised you I’ll keep posting some outfits or reviews (which I can do mostly thank to the sponsoring of generous brands, thanks for giving me your truth by the way!)
So today is an outfit day! A floral outfit for a spring-like weather, one month ago (now it is a terrible heat-wave here), but I didn’t have time to share it before, due to personal issues, as you know… Some pics are over-exposed, it was a sunny day, so sorry for that…  
By the way, I am working actually on my website with my webmaster, so my blog might be offline few weeks, but don’t worry I’ll tell you when I know!

                                                               So now, let see what I was wearing this day!

Blouse, shawl and bag: vintage
Scarf, tweed waistcoat: Walker Slater
Skirt: Lena Hoschek
Shoes: Antoine et Lili


Thanks for looking!
Nella Fragola