Bridesmaids proposal

6 May 2017
May 6th, 2017

One of my favourite moments during the organization of the wedding was choosing my bridesmaids. To be honest, I could have asked all of my friends! I asked five: four said yes at once, one couldn’t because of financial issues, so I asked her to be my witness at the city hall. In the end, one of my four bridesmaids won’t come. She’s my childhood friend, and it made me very sad. But happily, she’ll be my second witness at the city hall!

Proposing to the bridesmaids

Though I’d already asked them on the phone, I decided to prepare a gift. I’d have liked to send this gift as my proposal, but I just couldn’t wait, and I wanted to hear their reactions! It proved a good idea in the end: they chose their dress colour for the wedding, and I could adapt my gift to each of them…

A 100% DIY and personalized gift

I spent several weeks making these presents. They can seem childlike because I’m not a good painter and my writing is far from pretty (I’m dyslexic…). But I didn’t want to buy something ready-made, I wanted it to be as personal as possible. I wanted my bridesmaids to know that I chose them for a reason: the friendship and affection I have for them all!

My “bridesmaid proposal” box

I chose a small wooden suitcase to hint at the fact that we were all going to fly to Scotland! I painted it in burgundy and gold, the colours of the wedding. I lined one part of the inside with tweed for Scotland, and the other in padded fabric from my region, Provence. I asked my friend Marie-Ange to make them lace chokers matching their dresses. Here’s what was in the boxes:

  • A lace choker (thanks Marie-Ange!)
  • A glass vial with glitter and a thistle from Scotland that I dried and pressed myself
  • An OPI nail polish matching the colour of their dress
  • A small notebook I lined in tweed, with a mini pen
  • A “would you be my bridesmaid?” letter

They all liked the present, and it’s what it’s all about! Of course, I’m also planning to offer something to my witnesses… I’ll get to it after May has passed 😉




  • Emilie
    May 8th, 2017 - 2:56 pm

    Comme c’est joli ! J’adore l’idée !