Do you want to work with me?
Please contact me at this specific address: booking@nellafragola.com

Formerly, here are some conditions:

  • Before starting any collaboration I desire to meet the person. The ‘feeling’ is very important for me. I need the person to trust me, and I also need to trust the person.
  • I rarely pose nude, especially during the first photo-shoot. There is no need to ask me in the midst of the photo session if it has not been asked previously.
  • The conditions of use and publication of the photos must be agreed beforehand. After determining the % for each of us I can decide to sell some of my prints. My work often appears in magazines. In order to prevent conflicts we must agree and discuss this subject beforehand and establish a contract.
  • Good relationship, friendliness, and creativity are really important for me; and they are necessary for the photos to tell long-term beautiful stories!