Back to Monaco – Clara Maeda Fashion Show – 2015

24 February 2016
Feb 24th, 2016

My dear readers,

As mentionned in my « 2015 restrospective », last year, in March, I had the honor to be part of Clara Maeda ‘s fashion show as a model. Clara is a talented creator, and you can discover her work on my post « Hommage to André » and also on her website HERE.
I already wrote a few articles about my monegasque escapade on my old blog, but as I migrated the posts here, I started to handpick what I wanted to keep or delete.

Back then, I had real issues with my image (I will develope this subject at a later stage) and I simply deleted this post. I did not liked it anymore.
Today I decided to rewrite this post in a condensed version : fewer pictures and very little text. In a nutshell, I walked on the runaway twice for Clara Maeda during a weekend and it was intense ;first and foremost as I had been undergoing recently a foot surgery. It was a real challenge for me.

I spent a lovely time here, kept gorgeous memories, met wonderful people and saw again some close friends, and the whole thing was immortalized by Alexandra Banti’s photograph. I indeed responded in the affirmative to the call for the Clara’s second fashion show, next weekend in Monaco, and also the first of March in Paris. Until then, I will let you enjoy these few pictures from last year, Monaco, backstages and fashion shows, and also the fruit of the shooting’s efforts. Me, as a japanese inspired Marie-Antoinette, with pink hair and doll like complexion… I really like these pictures eventually ! I cannot wait for Friday, in compagny with this dream team !

(You can find the entirety of the pictures on Clara Maeda et
Alexandra Banti website, and also the article in Japanlifestyle Number… BUY HERE (french only!))
Link towards last year’s video : HERE

Thank you for reading ! don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments, it always pleases me so much !