Aramon Vintage Festival

12 August 2016
Aug 12th, 2016

I am sorry to be such a bad blogger and being so late about posting the last events I went to. Last June (yeah, I told you, I am very late but wait and see how late I am about travelling blog post!), I went to the small and very beautiful village near Avignon, Aramon, where a vintage festival was organized, with my spiritual mum, Claudine, who convinced me to follow her that day.

hawaii 2

Claudine and I with two sweet pinups!

I even accepted to do the fashion show, which I never do! Two themed-fashion shows were settled that day:
one about Tiki, Hawaii (40s) and one about hollywood movies (50s). It was actually very fun to find the perfect vintage clothes for each themes.

I totally forgot to take pictures from my Hawaii outfit but I manage to find some on the Facebook event.


The heat that day was unbearable and my ankle was swollen so I didn’t enjoy the day as I wished to… But it was still a funny day, even if, because of the swollen, I don’t like my face on the pics… Haha! Dirty, vilain sun!

hawaii 1

All the Hawaii pinups, look at the little girls in front: so lovely! Claudine is in the blue dress and I am in white and yellow with orange hairdresser!