Aiming for a pretty skin-part two

4 April 2017
Apr 4th, 2017

Aiming for a pretty skin-part one HERE

You may remember, a few months ago I posted a series of unretouched photos with a quick story about my skin, and more precisely about my acne issues.

To sum it up: about 16 years of acne…

I started having acne at the age of 11. I went through various phases, sometimes not much acne, sometimes more impressive outbreaks. I spent my teenage years juggling creams and antibiotics, and enduring (silently…) their many side effects. The Diane 35 pill limited the big outbreaks for a few years… until I turned 23 and started not to tolerate it anymore. I again juggled different pill for a year then stopped taking any altogether. I had two more or less stable years, but still with acne. At about 26, I started developing a severe cystic acne that, alas, left me with some unsightly marks…

From cystic acne to a beautiful skin: two years of fighting.

Despite my very severe acne, I always refuser to take Roacutane. A lot of elements helped me to achieve a full recovery (“almost full”, because I still have some outbreaks, getting rarer and rarer…), but it was in December 2015, at the worst time in the history of my skin, that I met my “salvation”: Dr Luneau, a dermatologist specialized in skin aging and laser. I healed my skin through 6 sessions with her: skin cleaning, light peelings, flash lamp, LED… and at home: strictly controlled nutrition, antibiotic creams and… creams and cleansers from Mene Moy, an anti-aging cosmetic brand, perfect to prepare the skin for peelings (I advise you not to try these very costly products without advice from a dermatologist!).

A new fight: after acne zits, acne scars…

Sadly, once my face was at last rid of these zits, I found it deeply marked by scars, most of them on my cheeks (some, rarer, on my temples and forehead), all the more annoying because most of them were peaks or deep crater scars! You can imagine my distress (dare I say “my despair”…) after so many years of imperfect skin, I was now marked forever!

Peeling Phenol

My face today. still some redness!

When Dr Luneau suggested a deep phenol peeling to attenuate these scars, I must admit I was very scared, because it was not a procedure to be taken lightly. More than 6 months passed between the quote and the appointment. And finally, in January, I undertook the procedure with Dr Istria. There are days when I’m disappointed, but when I look at “before” pictures, or worse “during acne” ones, I realize how lucky I am. My scars did not disappear (don’t fool yourself, it’s impossible), but they are visibly reduced and very discreet. You can look at before and after pictures! And once I put makeup on, they’re invisible…




Exactly 2 months and a half after the peeling: getting better and better…

… till six month after, in mid-July. Why 6 months? That’s how long the skin takes to regenerate itself thanks to collagen. I’m still a bit red but as I see how my skin keeps improving, I’m really happy. I also decided to accept the last marks that will be left, no matter what, on my face, rather than seeking other methods that can be costly and not necessarily successful. I will only do the retouches planned with Dr Istria in September, but that will be the end of my “quest” for “perfect” skin. I’m already delighted!

Still in progress: healing my back.

Though my back has clearly improved, I still have zits and a lot of pigment scars (they’re the easiest to heal, phew!). I’m following a treatment with creams and I have an appointment with Dr Luneau in April for a cleaning-peeling-laser session so that I can have a beautiful back for my wedding!

I will post about my April session. Comment here if you’re interested in a more detailed post about deep peeling.