A vineyard night’s dream

13 February 2016
Feb 13th, 2016

Here is a new photoshoot inspired by the vineyard goddess, as an homage to my late grandfather, who passed away last june. As he was a vine grower, I wanted to celebrate him by incarnating this goddess. You can also notice the vine leaf tattoo, in a vegetal lung style, which I have adorned recently on my wrist; which I made to honor his memory…I wrote this text for my Grandfather’s funeral, who was a real believer (who was really devout). I wanted to pay homage to him…

Hommaga a andre nella fragola déesse des vignes 5
Today, I forbid myself to mourn your death, I prefer to celebrate your love.
Not only in my memories and your friends.
But eternal, as such a good and generous human being cannot be forgotten by The Lord. Fleeting thoughts.
Memories will remain. Carved in our hearts, you will keep a place here, forever.
And one day, we will meet again.
 From the factories, to grape harvests, your strong, beautiful and vigorous hands always worked hard.
They were always here, for heartwarming and loving caresses. You were my base, my load bearing wall and my roof. I wished for you, vital stability besides me, to be eternal.
But terrestrial life always ends, and in the heavens, eternal you will remain; close to your children, your beloved saints, Sainte Marie, mother of God and Thérèse de Lisieux.
Eventually, you are not that far away.
My life will be a perpetual hommage in your honor.
Every day, just like you, I will never loose faith; and just like you, I will always try to be just and loving.
It is not a farewell.
You will never be far away.

Photographe: Exa Photogrpaher

Hair dresser and Hair color: Christophe Pujol.

Make up: By me: Besame Cosmectic, Lily Lolo and Eylure fir the false eyelash.

Dress: Clara Maeda