A month in the Skye #5

17 February 2017
Feb 17th, 2017

After a few days we spent working alone at School House, our friend Mayeul joined us. We were glad to see him and to spend our third week on the island with him! Our first evening was very pleasant, we played cards and drank good 10-years-old Talisker by the fireplace.

One dream came true: Quiraing walk, one of the most stunning place of Scotland!

The next day the sun was out and the weather nice, so we took the opportunity to make one of our little Scottish dreams come true and do the Quiraing. This hike has been in our to-do list for a long time… but unfortunately we never got to do it because of the bad weather. If you plan a trip on Skye, this hike is a must-do (unless you have health issues)! You will need good walking shoes and some parts are not easy. On higher ground, the wind can be very powerful, and I advise those who suffer from vertigo to avoid the overhang part!

At first there was a lot of fog and the sun couldn’t light our path, but as we climbed higher, the first rays warmed us. The wind also woke up! Mayeul got noticed by German tourists who spotted the bag of his bagpipe on his back. They asked if he was going to play it and if they could listen. The wind was against us but Mayeul still managed to play a few songs, to his audience’s delight. The sound of the bagpipe with such a view was nothing short of magical.

Near the end of the hike, the clouds came back, but it only made the place more beautiful. I love how Scottish landscapes change with the weather and light. One can never get bored, everything is always brand new!

More to come soon!